best ariana grande perfume
Let’s take a look at the best Ariana Grande perfumes.

Ariana Grande released her first perfume in 2015, and has since grown her collection to eleven.

The ever popular pop icon has launched a number of perfumes that are sweet, playful, feminine, fun, exciting and bottles that are oh so cool and truly catches your attention and imagination.

Ariana’s perfume is well thought out and stays authentic to who she is. She has a lot of input in all of her perfumes and she has ensured that her personal voice and taste is consistent with her perfume brand.

The best Ariana Grande perfumes are affordable crowd-pleasers that can transition from day to night and are true sexy perfumes for women.

Some people find some of Ariana Grande’s perfumes a little juvenile but if you like sweet and feminine fragrances you can rock these no matter what your age.

Most of Ariana Grande’s perfume collection is fruity floral gourmand. Many characterize them as easygoing, fun, flirty, and light-hearted fragrances.

Best Ariana Grande Perfumes

Be cute, playful & fun with the best Ariana Grande perfumes. Discover the most popular & best smelling Ariana Grande perfume, and also the right one for you.

Ariana Grande Cloud Eau De Parfum

There’s a reason why Cloud is a blogger favorite, best seller and one of the Ariana Grande best perfume that’s been released.

Cloud is named appropriately because the scent gives you warmth and sweetness, it feels like you are just being enveloped by a cloud.

It is a fruity floral gourmand that is lactonic, coconut, sweet, musky and aromatic. It is airy, luxurious and ozonic. It is gourmand but it has some freshness to it.

The creamy coconut, vanilla and the lactonic whipped cream makes it smell decadent and delicious. Then the lavender, woody notes and musk gives it some freshness.

Ariana Grande Cloud EDP is robust, well constructed, mass appealing and sensual. The price for the quality that you are getting is fantastic. What a bargain!

You will get compliments left and right as she will leave a cloud of scent trail behind.

Notes: Bergamot, pear, lavender, coconut, whipped cream, praline, musk and woodsy notes.

Performance: 4-6 hours on longevity and 5/10 on sillage and projection.
Ariana Grande Cloud Eau De Parfum

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau De Parfum

Sweet Like Candy is a floral fruity perfume that is fruity, sweet, citrusy, powdery and lactonic. It is whimsical, addictive and it is perfect for the summer. It is bright, it is fresh from the bergamot, juicy from the pear and black currant. The marshmallow, vanilla and cashmere makes it a little warm, soft and creamy.

Think about the florals in this perfume and pour berry syrup on top of it, it smells like sweet tarts. The florals compliments the lactonic feel of the whipped cream.If you like berries, perfectly sweet, tart scents, Sweet Like Candy EDP is for you. It lifts up the mood, it is effervescent and a confidence booster.

Notes: Bergamot, blackberries, pear, marshmallow, whipped cream, hints of white florals, cashmere woods and vanilla.

Performance: 3-5 hours on longevity and 2/10 on sillage and projection.
Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau De Parfum

Ariana Grande God Is A Woman Eau De Parfum

God is a woman is juicy, fresh, fruity, clean, sweet, powdery, aquatic and woody fragrance. The pear and musk are pronounced here, like a jolly rancher pear lollipop in the dry down.

If you like pear and fruity musky scents this is a must try and as most of the best Ariana Grande perfume, this is affordable.

The florals give it a subtle feminine touch and the softness and fluffiness from the vanilla gives some sweetness and coziness. The sandalwood keeps it warm. God Is A Woman EDP smells pretty, bright, light, and inoffensive.

Notes: Musk mallow, pear, rose, orris root, sandalwood and vanilla.

Performance: 2-4 hours on longevity and 2/10 on sillage and projection.
Ariana Grande God Is A Woman Eau De Parfum

Ariana Grande Cloud 2.0 Intense Eau De Parfum

Do you love the original cloud but you want a little oomph, you want that extra punch and you want more warmth? And you want some more longevity and projection?

Well then, celebrate! Cloud 2.0 is exactly as the original Cloud but way better. The deeper color of the cloud bottle represents 2.0.

Cloud 2.0 Intense is an amber vanilla fragrance that is sweet, ambery, lactonic, powdery, musky, coconut and aromatic.

With the addition of amboxan and cashmeran, it is deeper, more potent, warmer, smoother, thicker, richer, creamier that creates a continuous scent bubble throughout the day.

It is the more amped-up, more gourmand, sophisticated and grown-up version of the original. It is very comforting.

Notes: Lavender, bergamot, pear, whipped cream, praline, vanilla, coconut, ambroxan, musk and woody notes.

Performance: 8-10 hours on longevity and 7/10 on sillage and projection.
Ariana Grande Cloud Intense 2.0 Eau De Parfum

Ariana Grande R.E.M. Eau De Parfum

REM has a designer or niche-like scent profile that is also versatile and could be worn all year round. It stands out from all of Ari’s perfume collection. It is cozy, creamy, dreamy for sure and comforting.

The calming effect from the lavender could be worn for bed too hence the name REM. Ariana Grande’s R.E.M. EDP is sweet, fruity, floral, salty and aromatic.

If you like an easy reach, unisex and versatile perfume try REM, it is the least sweet of her perfume line. This is a lavender forward perfume, like Cloud minus the sweetness and creaminess but more lavender.

Notes: Caramel, zefir, salt, pear, quince, lavender, tonka bean, musk and sandalwood.

Performance: 2-4 hours on longevity and 2/10 on sillage and projection
Ariana Grande R.E.M Eau De Parfum

Ariana Grande Ari Eau De Parfum

This is Ariana Grande’s first release in 2015 and is considered to be one of the most popular Ariana Grande perfumes. Ari is a fruity floral fragrance that is citrusy, sweet, fruity, bubbly, fresh and powdery. This raspberry dominated perfume is predominantly sweet in the opening.

With that said it is not juvenile, it is playful. With the blend of musk, the florals, marshmallow that gives it the fluffiness and the raspberry that gives it a pleasant fruity sweetness.

Many reviewers say that it is their signature scent. Definitely a raspberry marshmallow fluff ball goodness. It is very pretty, innocent, flirtatious, sensual and inviting.

Ariana Grande Ari EDP is a huge compliment getter and it was nominated for best women’s popular release. It is delicious!

Notes: Raspberry, citrus, florals, woodsy notes, musk, blond woods and marshmallow.

Performance: 3-5 hours on longevity and 3/10 on sillage and projection
Ariana Grande Ari Eau De Parfum

Ariana Grande’s perfumes are a reflection of who she is. They are one of the best celebrity perfumes out there, best bang for your back for the quality you are getting.

Playful, sweet and has a unique personality that also shows on each of her bottle presentations. She is such a talented woman and her passion for perfumes shows through her collection.

Her scents are candy sweet sugary marshmallow like but in a playful way and there is definitely a best Ariana perfume for you!

If you like that kind of vibe, youthful and feminine at the same time, we’re sure you can find a perfume that speaks to you in her collection.

Always remember, wear what makes you happy and enjoy your fragrance journey!

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