most expensive men's cologne
Do you want to smell like wealth, abundance and a million bucks? Then you’re looking for the cream of the crop, the most expensive men’s cologne in the world, which come from the best cologne and perfume brands all over the world.

These exclusive perfumes are born and produced from the highest raw quality materials and the rarest deluxe scents and essences from mother nature.

The attention to detail, from the packaging to the bottle to the nuances of the fragrance, are out of this world.

Owning one of these exclusive bottles will make you feel like you have made it. Fragrance is, after all, one of the favorite status symbols among elites, royals, celebrities, fashionistas, perfume lovers and collectors.

Crafted and curated by master perfumers worldwide, these unique and extraordinary colognes celebrate a timeless and high class style. These are some of the most special pieces, so enjoy!

Most Expensive Men’s Cologne

Living a luxury lifestyle comes with a hefty price tag but in spite of the sticker price, the most expensive cologne in the world will make you feel pampered and extravagant, like a monarch or a true VIP.

These are listing in ascending order, with the most expensive cologne last.

Bond No 9 New York Signature Scent Eau De Parfum

Price: $470 per 100 ml

With 30% oil concentration and only 4 of some of the finest fragrance notes, Bond no 9 signature scent is pure fragrance heaven and is this famous niche brand’s take on a modern oud.

This is for people who adore the gold bottle aesthetic, it is a physically attractive bottle. This is for people who are fearless, and want to be noticed as you enter the room.

It is fresh with a graze of florals, this is an uber sexy well rounded musk with a tinge of sweetness from the tonka bean. One reviewer says that it is an underwear dropper and a neckbreaker.

People will stop you to know what you have on. Great performer and long lasting, Bond No 9 Signature Scent ain’t going anywhere once you spray it on.
Bond No 9 New York Signature Scent Eau De Parfum

Creed Spice and Wood Eau De Parfum

Price: $650 per 2.5 oz bottle

Creed Spice and Wood EDP smells like a royal, high class and well refined. Part of the Le Royal exclusive collection, Creed spice and wood is one of the most expensive men’s cologne in the market and is the most expensive creed cologne.

The Creed house uses raw materials with care and love and you can smell it here with no exception.

It opens up tart from the citrus, musky with a gorgeous apple note, with slight spice and bitterness.

Creed is known for their signature freshness in their fragrances, it is rich, it is woody from the cedar with some light fruity notes and veil of sweetness.

The citrus notes are beautifully combined with the oakmoss. This is a high end signature scent that is easy to wear all year round and garners compliments.
Creed Spice and Wood Edp

Clive Christian No 1 Masculine Edition

Price: $750 for 50 ml

Clive Christian is another one of the most expensive colognes in the whole world.

This fragrance house is known for producing a high quality, one of a kind bottle design and for sourcing some of the most prized and exceptional ingredients around the globe.

This includes a rare 50 year old Indian sandalwood which is believed to have the ability to change mood and the state of mind. It is made of 20% natural oil concentration.

Clive Christian No 1 is full-bodied, intoxicatingly warm, it is spicy, smoky, aromatic, and it is lightly sweet with a touch of florals.

It has a massive projection, longevity and the notes will keep you fascinated from the opening to the drydown. If you want to feel masculine in an understated way or better yet like a royalty, this is one to try.
Clive Christian No 1 Masculine Edition

Fragrance Dubois Heritage Eau De Parfum

Price: $835 per 100 ml

If you want to feel fresh and clean in the most luxurious and elegant way possible, Fragrance Dubois Heritage is for you.

It is versatile, the longevity is 10 plus hours, a blind buy safe and a signature scent worthy. It will instantly brighten up and uplift your mood.

Fragrance Dubois Heritage EDP opens up into a burst of juicy and vibrant bergamot, then the heavenly sparkling aldehydes provide a soapy fresh scent, It elevates this perfume to another level.

The florals give it a musky feel, the orris is powdery here and the dry down is woody, warm, crisp, tender, smoky and spicy. The oud adds some finesse and depth.

It might sound simple to you but it is deep, it has a lot of personality. It is extraordinary and pure luxury as its best made from pure organic oud oil, and is one of the most expensive men’s fragrances.

Roja Parfums Musk Aoud Absolue Précieux

Price: $999 per 30 ml

Get an opulent experience with Roja parfums musk aoud absolu précieux with the fragrance that might have established the Roja Dove brand.

From the bottle, the presentation and juice, it truly is a symbol of extravagance. It is elegant, smoky, animalistic, daring, soft from the rose, rich and blended to a sheer perfection.

The raw materials that are used here are all high quality, it is undeniable. They are bergamot, may rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, leather, musk, agarwood, labdanum, musk mallow, sandalwood, birch, oakmoss, nutmeg, vanilla, tonka bean and patchouli.

A musk prominent perfume but it is supported beautifully by the oud. The oud here is absolutely one of the best enveloping warm oud you will ever smell. It is creamy, velvety and well rounded.

Roja parfums musk Aoud Absolue Précieux is all about the sexy musk.
Roja Parfums Musk Aoud Absolu Précieux

Diaghilev by Roja Dove Eau De Parfum

Price: $1,050 for 100ml
Diaghilev by Roja Dove Eau De Parfum is one of the most expensive perfume for men and definitely one of the most complex and a work of art in its own right.

With over 30 distinct notes, Diaghilev by Roja Dove is a cologne that will keep you on a never-ending roller coaster of a magical emotional and olfactory ride.

With the burst of 4 kinds of bright citrus, the alluring powdery florals, the mouth watering peach and black currant.

The civet and leather that gives an animalic factor to it, the touch of sweetness from vanilla and tonka bean and the cloves and nutmeg just ever so slightly tickles your nose. But it is the oakmoss that really makes this perfume.

The exquisite dry down evolves into a multidimensional statement perfume. It is sensual, intoxicating, luxurious and divinely decadent.

It is well blended, everytime you smell Diaghilev it never fails to wow you and everyone around you.
Diaghilev by Roja Dove Eau De Parfum

Shumukh by Spirit of Dubai Parfums

Price: How much is the most expensive men’s cologne? It is $1,295,000 for 3000 ml!

Shumukh means “deserving the highest respect”. This first class masterpiece comes with a whopping price tag of $1,295,000 and is not even commercially available.

Shumukh by Spirit of Dubai Parfums is the world’s priciest fragrance in a 3 Liter hand blown gold infused Murano bottle. Yes, you read that right!

With over 3,500 diamonds, pearls from the Philippines, silver and 24 carat gold on the bottle. It has elements that tell the story of Dubai.

With the notes of rare indian agarwood, musk, patchouli, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, amber, olibanum and Turkish rose it is definitely a work of art. Shumukh by Spirit of Dubai is the most expensive men’s cologne.

Which of the most expensive men’s colognes do you think is most worth the investment?

When we talk about luxury and fine taste, cologne and perfume is definitely at the top of the list. These perfumes are no ordinary scent, they are mind blowing, one-of-a-kind gems.

Just the vessel alone, they are divine, they are truly art pieces. Having one of these colognes in your collection can transport you and can give you a one of a kind olfactory experience.

As always, enjoy and wear what makes you happy, whether they are one of the most expensive colognes in the world or your cheap little love.

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