sexy perfume for women

Are you all about having fun? Do you mind people stopping you and saying “excuse me, but you smell delicious.”? If so, then sexy perfumes for women are your jam!

These perfumes not only smell fantastic, they also draw men and even women’s attention whether you are wearing these perfumes for you or for your special someone.

Wearing perfume gives us happiness, a confidence boost and can also make us feel seductive and extra flirty. It can add some charm and sex appeal to anyone, just like the best pheromone perfumes.

The sexiest perfumes for women can also turn a man into an animal, it will entrance him and lure him in. It will make their eyes roll up into the back of their heads.

A big bonus is all of these sexy perfumes for women are certified head-turners, crowd-pleasers, are compliment worthy and men magnets.

Scent can be powerful and is also very subjective. Fragrance can evoke in us different emotions, can change our mental state and can even memories and reminders of events or people that we know.

Sexy Perfumes for Women

Below we have carefully chosen the sexiest perfumes for women that can wake anyone up or turn on one of the most important senses. Let’s explore, shall we?

Giorgio Armani Sì Intense Eau De Parfum 2021

If you wear Armani Sì Intense, you better get ready for compliments or your significant other all over you. This one is delicious, it is fruity, a little sweet, a little spicy, woody, sultry and intoxicating.

The thick luscious black currant is the star of this perfume. The rose makes it feminine and the benzoin gives a sweet and smooth like vanilla note.

It envelops you and gives off a seductive and addictive yet sophisticated aura.

You can also try the original Armani Sì Eau De Parfum or the very sexy Armani Sì Passione. The red bottle and the name of the perfume, it is so feminine and seductive.

Notes: Blackcurrant nectar, rose, davana, patchouli and benzoin.

Performance: 6-8 hours on longevity and 5/10 on sillage and projection.
Armani Si Intense 2021

Carolina Hererra Good Girl Eau De Parfum

Drive men cra-zy! This versatile and super seductive perfume grabs every man’s attention because the scent trail it will leave is intoxicating.

The tonka bean and cocoa makes it warm, the mix of florals and vanilla makes it very sensual, feminine and mysterious.

Good Girl EDP is sweet and creamy from the almond, it is bitter from the cacao, musky and spicy with a touch of floral from the tuberose and jasmine.

The notes are masterfully and beautifully blended together and everyone will be giving you compliments left and right.

Some reviewers say that it is a neckbreaker and it is one of the best selling super hot perfumes for women.

Notes: Almond, citrus, coffee, white florals, rose, oris, tonka, cacao, praline, vanilla, sandalwood, musk, cashmere and patchouli.

Performance: 8-10 hours on longevity and 6/10 on sillage and projection.
Carolina Hererra Good Girl Eau De Parfum

Parfums De Marly Delina Eau De Parfum

Delina is one of the best, classiest and most versatile niche sexy perfume for women in the market. It is the ultimate feminine perfume that is worth the price tag.

She is pretty in pink, just look at that luxurious bottle. The combination of lychee, rhubarb and bergamot gives the opening a sparkling champagne vibes.

The florals and vanilla gives Delina EDP a sweet and powdery balance. The musk and vetiver offers a cleaner and sophisticated nuance while a nutmeg gives it a pleasant kick.

Imagine a fresh rose and bathe it with fruity champagne with rhubarb then sprinkle it with some powder and spice. This is a very womanly, seductive but sophisticated lady like perfume and it is also a man killer.

Notes: Lychee, bergamot, rhubarb, rose, vanilla, musk, incense, vetiver and musk.

Performance: 7-9 hours on longevity and 6/10 on sillage and projection.
Parfums De Marly Delina Eau De Parfum

Black Opium Eau De Parfum

One of the best sexy lady perfumes, one of the most complimented perfumes, and one of the most talked about fragrance on social media for a reason, is Black Opium EDP by Yves Saint Laurent.

People will stop you and you will get a lot of reactions either from men or women. It is sweet, intoxicating, very feminine, flirty, modern and fun.

With the note of coffee and vanilla, it smells like a vanilla latte with white florals. Just delicious and addictive like coffee!

The pear and almonds make it warm while the jasmine, pink pepper gives the spiciness and orange blossom gives it a hint of freshness.

Notes: Pear, almond, jasmine, pink pepper, coffee, cedar, patchouli and cashmere woods.

Performance: 3-5 hours on longevity and 3/10 on sillage and projection.
Black Opium Eau De Parfum

Tom Ford Lost Cherry Eau De Parfum

This intoxicating and romantic perfume, is sweet, tangy, nutty, warm, spicy that makes it super alluring. You will smell like an expensive dessert, he will want to bite your neck.

The cherry is bold, in your face. It is syrupy and sticky but not medicinal. The almond comes through and the plum runs through it and the tonka adds some sweetness and creaminess. The cinnamon here adds a beautiful nuance.

A winner of beauty award, Tom Ford Lost Cherry is an addicting yummy hot perfume for women that packs a punch.

Notes: Cherry, almond, cinnamon, rose, jasmine, vanilla, tonka, cloves, cinnamon, vetiver and patchouli.

Performance: 5-7 hours on longevity and 4/10 on sillage and projection.
Tom Ford Lost Cherry Eau De Parfum

Valentino Donna Born In Roma Eau De Parfum

Sultry, flirty, effervescent, hot and strong rich woman that has her life together, that is Valentino Donna Born in Roma. She’s yummy and oozing with feminine energy.

There are gorgeous layers of scents in this perfume. The bergamot gives it freshness, the jasmine peaks through, it is juicy from the blackcurrant, the pepper gives it a little spice and the vanilla bourbon gives warmth, sex appeal and booziness.

Donna Born in Roma is complex but beautifully blended. Highly complimented by men and women, definitely a head turner and highly rated in the fragrance community.

Notes: Blackcurrant, jasmine sambac, pink pepper, bourbon vanilla and cashmeran.

Performance: 6-8 hours on longevity and 5/10 on sillage and projection.

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Le Parfum EDP Intense

La Belle Le Parfum Intense by Jean Paul Gaultier is super feminine, it is sweet, dark, rich, mysterious, inviting and flirtatious.

The pear and cherry gives its sweetness, the tonka bean paired with the vanilla gives it a smooth and warm sensual smell. It definitely grabs peoples attention.

The complexity of the notes gives La Belle Le Parfum Intense more depth. It is creamy with florals peaking through, it is dense, sophisticated and it is just gorgeous.

You will become the dessert after a meal when you wear La Belle.

Notes: Green pear, tonka bean, jasmine and vanilla.

Performance: 6-8 hours on longevity and 4/10 on sillage and projection.
La Belle Jean Paul Gaultier Le Parfum Intense

Kayali Vanilla 28 Eau De Parfum

Do you know that vanilla is the most appealing scent to men? It is a natural aphrodisiac and creates one of the sexiest female perfumes!

Kayali Vanilla 28 smells delicious, deep, warm, brown sugar and vanilla ice cream like creaminess with a touch of floral, musk, amber and woodiness to it. It is a very polite perfume but you can smell its attractive presence.

Vanilla 28 is an amber vanilla perfume, one of the best vanilla perfumes in the market.

It is great all year round, great for a date night, great for chilling at home and it is great for bedtime because men go crazy for this perfume. It is alluring, sweet, dreamy, sultry, delicate, and comforting.

Notes: Vanilla orchid, tonka, jasmine, brown sugar, amberwood, musk and patchouli.

Performance: 3-5 hours on longevity and 3/10 on sillage and projection.
Kayali Vanilla 28 Eau De Parfum

Sol De Janeiro Cheirosa 62 Eau De Parfum

Do you want to feel like a summer goddess? This is the best addicting summer perfume without being too gourmand, cloying or sickly sweet. It is a bestseller for a good reason.

Fall in love with this delicious, heavenly, caramel, vanilla, nutty from the almond and pistachio, with a hint of salt and jasmine. The perfect summer sexy perfume although it works well all year round too.

Cheirosa 62 EDP really is sunshine in a bottle and men go gaga with this perfume. An absolute compliment magnet.

If you’d like to take the sexiness to the extreme that you will be irresistible and will be good enough to eat, try pairing this perfume with the Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Cream and thank me later.

If the Cheirosa 62 Eau de Parfum is too much you, try the Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 body mist, which is just as delicious but lighter since it is a mist.

Notes: Almond, pistachio, heliotrope, jasmine, vanilla, caramel and sandalwood.

Performance: 4-6 hours on longevity and 3/10 on sillage and projection.
Sol De Janeiro Cheirosa 62 Eau De Parfum

Light Blue Intense by Dolce and Gabbana

One of the best fresh smelling and unique summer perfumes and sensual at the same time.

The zesty citrus and sweet apple in the opening meets the fragrant florals in the middle and the musk and amberwood in the drydown.

Light Blue Intense is the perfect classy fresh and clean perfume while being seductive, playful, feminine and men totally get addicted to this perfume.

The perfect mood lifting almost cooling warm weather perfume for women. Nothing beats Light blue intense when it comes to women’s fresh citrus fruity floral fragrance.

Inoffensive and truly a masterpiece and the best high heat summer perfume.

Notes: Lemon, apple, jasmine petals, musk and amberwood.

Performance: 4-6 hours on longevity and 3/10 on sillage and projection.
Light Blue Intense by Dolce and Gabbana

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum

Feeling unique, feminine, grown up and classy, sultry yet modest for a date night? It truly is femininity in a bottle.

Mon Guerlain EDP is an amber floral vanilla perfume that gets its uniqueness from the mix of lavender, creamy Australian sandalwood and the licorice.

Lavender is mostly used in men’s fragrances and here it is beautifully blended with warm vanilla with hints of florals.

It makes you feel cozy, seductive, sophisticated and elegant, a beautiful scent for a modern woman. Definitely signature scent worthy, very versatile and men and women go crazy over this perfume.

Notes: Jasmine, lavender, rose, iris, sandalwood, licorice, vanilla and patchouli.

Performance: 3-5 hours on longevity and 3/10 on sillage and projection.
Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum

Which of the best sexy perfumes for women do you find is the most interesting and fun to wear?

We hope you found the perfect perfume for women that could be saved for special occasions, saved for a date night, for Netflix and chill or for a bedroom fun.

These perfume collections draw people right in, attention will be on you. All of these choices are alluring and would stop someone off their tracks.

They are great for gifting someone special on Valentines day, birthday or a treat for yourself. Perfumes are an extension of ourselves and our personalities, have fun and wear what makes you feel sensual, happy and rock it.

Enjoy your perfume journey.

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