top selling men's cologne
Unforgettable? Check. Confidence booster? Check. Quality? Check. Highly rated? Check. Highly complimented? Check. Maximum versatility? Check.

The best selling men’s colognes check all the boxes!

No matter where you are in your fragrance journey: a beginner, a fragrance lover, a collector, just browsing or looking to give a gift, this list should help you narrow your choices.

Fragrance is an intimate experience, and it is also powerful. It inspires you, it will change your mood and it will make you stand out. It speaks volume and communicates.

It is the cherry on top of any person’s wardrobe. Because there are so many to choose from, it can be exhausting and sometimes confusing trying to figure out which ones to try.

Here we will help you discover the top selling men’s colognes so you can enjoy the energy they give off and their pleasing olfactory experience.

Best Selling Men’s Colognes

Treat yourself, your loved ones or your friends to these mass-appealing, great-performing, top-notch, extremely versatile and most popular men’s colognes.

Bleu De Chanel Eau De Parfum

Launched in 2014, this best selling designer perfume is a best selling men’s cologne, one of the most popular men’s fragrances and one of the best pheromone perfumes for men.

Bleu De Chanel EDP is a woody and aromatic fragrance that is spicy from the ginger, pink pepper and nutmeg, warm, fresh and aromatic from the mint.

The juiciness of the grapefruit is very realistic and gives it some zing, the mint is refreshing, the incense and amber gives a warm smoky and masculine grounded base.

That grapefruit and incense combination is to die for. It is a smooth, beautifully bended and well rounded sensual and elegant cologne.

Bleu De Chanel is an easy to reach and a year round classic gem. Men and women go crazy over this cologne, it is such a pleaser, it is such a compliment getter.

Notes: Citrus, pink pepper, jasmine, melon, incense, aldehydes, patchouli, amber, cedar and sandalwood.

Performance: 4-6 hours on longevity and 5/10 on projection and sillage.
Bleu De Chanel Eau De Parfum

Dior Fahrenheit Eau De Toilette

Fahrenheit is a classic men’s fragrance that has been popular for decades. It is known for its complex and well-balanced blend of scents, which make it suitable for a wide range of occasions.

The top notes of lavender, mandarin orange, and hawthorn give the fragrance a fresh and invigorating opening, while the middle notes of nutmeg, cedar, and honeysuckle add a spicy and woody depth.

Dior Fahrenheit EDT’s base notes of tonka bean, sandalwood, and leather provide a warm and masculine finish to the scent.

The scent is intended for men who are confident, stylish, and independent, and it is often worn by men who are looking for a classic, sophisticated scent that can be worn on a daily basis.

The fragrance has moderate to long-lasting staying power and is generally considered to be well-suited for both casual and formal occasions.

Notes: Licorice, orange, rum and vanilla.

Performance: 8-10 hours on longevity and 6/10 on projection and sillage.
Dior Fahrenheit Eau De Toilette

Versace Eau Fraiche Eau De Toilette

If you want attention and you want people to get to know you, Versace Eau Fraiche is your jam. It is, after all, one of the best Versace colognes.

It is a favorite summer staple, and a great value for the quality you get from one of the most popular colognes.

It is a compliment monster, one reviewer said that it is a panty dropper. The star fruit gives a hint of sweetness and distinction, it is the star in this cologne.

Versace Eau Fraiche EDT is effervescent from the bergamot, woody, spicy from the pepper and aromatic from the sage and tarragon. It is aquatic, light, fresh and has a clean scent.

Do not let the name fool you, Versace Eau Fraiche has a character, it is more complicated than it sounds. It takes you into a whole olfactory journey throughout the day, it is phenomenal.

Notes: Starfruit, bergamot, pepper, herbs, amber, musk and woody notes.

Performance: 4-6 hours on longevity and 4/10 on projection and sillage.
Versace Man Eau Fraiche Eau De Toilette

Tom Ford Oud Wood Eau De Parfum

With the notes of rare agarwood, exotic rosewood, sandalwood, vetiver, tonka bean and amber, Tom Ford Oud Wood is opulence in a bottle. If you shy away from Oud, this is an excellent cologne to start.

The Oud is soft, sophisticated and it is masterfully created with the other notes. The smoky note gives it a sensual touch. This cologne does not disappoint from the opening to the dry down, it is well thought out.

Tom Ford’s Oud Wood EDP ticks a lot of the boxes if you are looking for a cologne that is all-around, excellent quality, super sexy, lady killer and magnet, easy to wear because of the versatility and highly rated.

One of the best selling perfume for men and extremely popular for a reason, if you want to step up your fragrance game, it is worth the investment, it is perfect.

Notes: Rare oud, sandalwood, cardamom, Szechuan black pepper and tonka bean.

Performance: 5-7 hours on longevity and 4/10 on sillage and projection.
Tom Ford Oud Wood Eau De Parfum

Dior Sauvage Eau De Parfum

Dior Sauvage is worn by the handsome guy that women want to get close to. They will get a whiff of you, compliment you, get interested in you and want to get to know you.

It is crisp, it has a spicy kick from the Sichuan pepper, a sweet veil from the vanilla, some light touches of lavender and a strength from the ambroxan.

It is earthy, woody, smooth, it is warm, it is refined, it has great projection and longevity, it is easy to like and you will smell delicious.

Dior Sauvage EDP is a beloved top selling men’s cologne for a reason. Very versatile, a head turner, performance is solid and it is such a highly rated cologne. Performance is great and it lasts around 8-10 hours.

Notes: Bergamot, vanilla, pepper and nutmeg.

Performance: 7-9 hours on longevity and 5/10 on projection and sillage.
dior sauvage edp

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club Eau De Toilette

One of the most popular Maison Margiela fragrances, a statement maker and sensational cologne. It is deep, it is smooth, it is warm, it is sensual and it is a fun cologne to wear for a night out or to a music festival.

Imagine being in a relaxing jazz club with wooden tables and leather seats. You can smell the character and subtle age of the tables and seats then get whiffs and hints of tobacco, liquor and a veil of sweet vanilla.

It feels comforting and you just want to immerse yourself with the beauty of the tunes and the surroundings.

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club is a warm, spicy and woody fragrance and is a great one to try if you are a tobacco fan. It has great lasting power and projection.

It smells like a sexy, wealthy, powerful and sophisticated man.

Notes: Pepper, rum, neroli, vanilla, tobacco and vetiver.

Performance: 5-7 hours on longevity and 4/10 on sillage and projection.
Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club Eau De Toilette

Armani Acqua Di Giò Eau De Toilette

This classic fresh, masculine and vibrant cologne grabs your attention. With mouthwatering mixed zesty citrus, the soft florals and the captivating touch of sea notes.

The aromatic spices reveal themselves then take you to a classy dry down of the warm woody and clean musky notes. It is a fresh aquatic fragrance that is spicy, floral, aromatic and woody.

One of the best fresh cologne of all time, a signature scent worthy, one of Armani’s best selling fragrance for a reason, it is iconic and it is a compliment monster.

Armani Acqua Di Giò EDT is a hot and sexy summer staple cologne and universally loved by men and women.

Notes: Aquatic notes, citrus, peach, herbs, florals, cedarwood, amber, patchouli and musk.

Performance: 4-6 hours on longevity and 5/10 on sillage and projection.
Armani Acqua Di Gio Eau De Toilette

Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau De Parfum by YSL

Get ready to mesmerize people and get tons of compliments with one of the top selling cologne lines today from the house of YSL.

Y EDP by YSL is a woody fougere fragrance that is citrusy, spicy, aromatic, fresh, sweet and fruity.

The mix of brightness from the apple and bergamot, a kick of spiciness from the ginger and juniper berries and syrupy sweetness from the tonka and apple is something that women can’t resist.

The apple note here is through the roof. Men are drawn to this cologne, women are addicted to this scent and it is beloved by many.

The performance, projection and the appeal makes Y Eau De Parfum by YSL a top rated, popular and the attention you will get, non stop!

Notes: Apple, ginger, sage, amber, tonka and vetiver.

Performance: 4-6 hours on longevity and 3/10 on sillage and projection.
Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau De Parfum by YSL

Le Male Le Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier

One of the most well known of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male flankers, Le Parfum is the life of the party and will make you stand out in the crowd.

Le Male Le Parfum is fun, it is fresh, it is spicy from the licorice and cardamom, it is lightly sweet and warm from the vanilla, it is aromatic from the lavender and just a package of yumminess.

The projection and sillage is enormous and the longevity is about 10+ hours. Crowd pleasing cologne and highly complimented. A lady killer.

It truly was a great launch of 2020: effortlessly seductive, masculine and refined at the same time that is suitable for a date night. Great option to wear in the colder months.

It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular men’s fragrances.

Notes: Cardamom, lavender, vanilla and spices.

Performance: 7-9 hours on longevity and 6/10 on sillage and projection.
Le Male Le Parfum Jean Paul Gaultier

Bvlgari Man in Black Eau De Parfum

Launched in 2014, Bvlgari Man in Black is ultra masculine, refined, opulent, sophisticated and it is great for a dressed up occasion.

It exudes confidence. It is warm, spicy, sweet, woody and animalic.

With notes of rum, spices, tobacco, leather, iris, guaiac wood and tonka bean. The spices bring a seductive nuance, the leather brings edginess, the tonka beans give a lovely sweetness and the vibrant iris makes this cologne a compliment magnet.

Bvlgari Man in Black Eau De Parfum is such a gem, you get a quality cologne for the price, it is very highly rated, intoxicating and definitely a stand out creation from Alberto Morillas.

It is perfect for the holidays and a night out.

Notes: Rum, spices, tobacco, iris, benzoin and tonka.

Performance: 7-9 hours on longevity and 5/10 on sillage and projection.
bvlgari man in black eau de parfum

We hope that our collection helped you choose which most popular men’s colognes work best with your body chemistry, your lifestyle, your goals and your budget.

It is overwhelming and too much information at times but once you know what notes work for you, then the journey should be more pleasant and exciting.

Part of the fragrance journey that is also fun is trying different fragrance. You will never know what you like if you don’t try it.

These top rated and top selling men’s colognes deliver, they are high quality, they are a great investment and they are solid choices. Just remember, wear what makes you happy and rock it. Enjoy your fragrance journey!

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